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"Hangeng responds to questions about Super Junior M!"

Former Super Junior member Hangeng talks about Super Junior M’s win on the same awards ceremony. On the 10th of April, Hangeng was cornered by the press after winning three awards on Taiwan’s first Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards.

Hangeng, who attended the ceremony, was awarded “Most Popular Newcomer”, “Most Dedicated Song” and “Top 20 Golden Songs”. Meanwhile, Super Junior also received “Best Selling Jpop/Kpop Album Of the Year” for their album “Bonamana,” while the group’s subunit, Super Junior M, was also awarded “Most Popular Group”.

Meeting the press after his win, Hangeng was then asked if he would be congratulating the group for winning. With no hesitation, Hangeng answered “Of course we do congratulate each other. I saw them from the backstage clinching an award and I clapped for them! Yes, clapped for them.”

The reporter further asked Hangeng if he would be visiting the Super Junior M members in Taiwan, as the group is reported to be staying for an extended period of time for their promotions, in which he answered that the members are probably still in Korea* and replied that he would visit them if he was given a chance.

Congratulations to Hangeng, Super Junior and Super Junior M!

*Note: Super Junior M returned to Korea on April 6 for a CF shoot and were therefore unable to attend the event. They are allegedly back in Taipei, Taiwan now.

Source: SiHae86 @ youtube | sup3rjunior
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Han Geng laments he has no time to date, reveals that he’s unable to stand girls with “Princess Complex”

After leaving Super Junior and embarking on a solo career, Han Geng has achieved encouraging results, aside from planning to hold a concert in Hong Kong this year, he has also participated in a movie alongside Wu Chun, fulfilling his development in both the music and movie industries. As he is too busy with his schedules, Han Geng confessed that he does not have the time to look for a girlfriend, but revealed that his ideal girlfriend is a gentle and quiet person, and declined the approach of girls with the “Princess Complex”*.

According to the reports from Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily, Han Geng expressed that he would be making his development in Asia, including places such as mainland China, Malaysia, and Japan among others. When discussing about his future projects, he said that: “The first movie that I’ve played the lead role in, “Da Wu Sheng”, is a movie that I’m really looking forward to. In addition, I will also release a new album. I hope that I can have a breakthrough (success), and allow the audience to see another side of Han Geng. Aside from that, I may have the opportunity to hold a concert in Hong Kong at the end of the year.”

Han Geng expressed that there’s a connection between Andy Lau and him holding a concert in Hong Kong, saying that: “The other time I came to Hong Kong to watch Andy Lau’s concert, the feeling was great. I’ve had plenty of inspiration as well, and had thought up about a lot of interesting things; I want to do something different on stage. Of course I can’t tell you now! I have to remain mysterious.” Han Geng joked and said that if he has the time to work out, he would also show off his muscles during his solo concert, and wants to invite his idol Jackie Cheung to be the special guest (on the show), expressing delightedly that: “I like his songs. He also has tremendous charm while on stage, so of course I would like to have the chance to be able to sing with him. Jackie Cheung is also the main aim of my efforts.”

Han Geng admitted that after leaving Super Junior, he initially did not feel accustomed (to the conditions), saying that: “My mood was really different. I feel happier while working now, because the staff and band members around me at the moment are people who have worked with me for a long time, and everyone has a common understanding of one another. Initially I wasn’t too accustomed to it, but it’s all good now! Perhaps it was because I felt rather pressured (in the beginning). In the past, we would perform as a group, but currently, I’m facing the audience alone on the stage. However, the moment I hear the applause given by the audience when I go on stage, I feel touched by it.” When asked about the reason he left the group, he explained that: “It was not on impulse, it took a long time to be formulated and planned. It’s because of problems in terms of communication, difference in culture. Problems slowly cropped up.”

(Even though) his schedules are hectic, Han Geng did not particularly want to find a date in order to adjust his life. He would go to bed the moment he returns home, and would listen to music at home when he has a break, (claiming that) he wouldn’t feel too lonely. When questioned about the type of girls he liked, he said that: “(She) should be a person who is good and sensible, someone who is kind and quieter. I don’t mind bubbly girls, but they must not be too chatty, because I don’t like to be annoyed. If they’re too chatty it would feel annoying.” While discussing about how a number of girls have the “Princess Complex”, Han Geng admitted that: “Of course it can’t do if (the girl) has a Princess Complex! I can’t stand girls who are too arrogant.”

* A woman with “Princess Complex” is someone who has excessive confidence, and expects to be treated like a princess. Usually women who have developed the habit of being protected since they were young, and also being served by the others.

Source: TenCent Entertainment
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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[110321] Hangeng rushes to Sanya to congratulate Big S on her wedding

Hangeng rushes to Sanya to congratulate Big S*on her wedding

Hangeng, who co-stars with Barbie Hsu in the movie «My Kingdom», expressed that after completing the promotional activities for these two days, he will then head to Sanya to attend Barbie’s wedding. When asked what sort of gift he will be giving, he answered: “I would congratulate her, but the gift will remain a secret. Actually I have already known Wang Xiao Fei** when I was filming «My Kingdom» with Barbie. I have learnt a lot from Barbie and Wu Zun***

When Hangeng was asked if he sustained any injury while filming the action scenes, he answered that “I injured my mouth and it bled, but having a dancing background helped me to manage the action scenes better.” (As a singer yourself, do you prefer singing or acting?) “I would like to develop in both areas. I have learnt dance for a long time and I do not want to abandon that.” (What sort of character would you like to attempt?) “Villian and characters with mental problems” (Earlier, one of the SJ members got injured because of an object that was thrown onto the stage while performing in Shanghai, are you aware of this?) “No, I am not. I will call to send my greeting. Actually, a similar incident happened to me before, but I managed to avoid it.”

* Big S is a Chinese actress and her real name is Barbie Hsu (Hsu Hsi Yuan)
** Wang Xiao Fei is Barbie’s husband
*** Wu Zun is a member of popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, who acted beside Han Geng in the movie.

EDITED BY: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

(110322) Screening rights of <My Kingdom> sold to overseas’ film dealers successfully

Sammo Hung won the award, Asia Best Supporting Male Actor
<My Kingdom> sold successfully overseas

[Image: N5.jpg]22nd March 2011, 09:33AM
Source: Phoenix Entertainment

Recently, a series of event of the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival officially started at the exhibition hall in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Director Gao Xiao Song, Action Director Sammo Hung along with Main Actor, Han Geng appeared at the Asian Film Awards Ceremony on the 21st of March. They were there to promote the legendary action love film, <My Kingdom> which is expect to be released during the summer season. That day, not only did the overseas sales of <My Kingdom> was hot, their Action Director, Sammo Hung won the award, Asia Best Supporting Male Actor. This can be called as double happiness.

Overseas film dealers rush to purchase screening rights of this legendary action love film
There were more than 500 film companies from more than 50 countries who gathered at the Hong Kong International Film Exhibition. The legendary action love film, <My Kingdom> directed by Gao Xiao Song, actions directed by Sammo Hung and acted by Han Geng, Wu Chun and Barbie Hsu (Da S) was successful just on the first day as it attracted lots of attention just at the moment it was revealed. To participate in the film exhibition, the promotional team specially designed the promotion page and it got published as the front cover of the official magazine, <Screen> at the Hong Kong International Festival.

According to introduction of <My Kingdom>’s overseas distribution company, Celestial Pictures, many overseas film dealers have already been paying close attention to <My Kingdom>. Although the film is still in its tight schedule of post production, it is still attracting a lot of enquires from large number of film dealers. On the first day of the exhibition, it had already successfully got 3 countries to sign the sale contract. The dealers from the different countries were optimistic about the talented new director and the strong combination of talented idol actors and actresses. Many film dealers expressed their interests to purchase the screening rights on the spot after watching the 12 minutes trailer of <My Kingdom>. The local and overseas’ film dealers were amazed of the breakthrough in performances and the exciting fighting scenes of Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu (Da S) in the trailer. What’s more, there were overseas film dealers who praised that Han Geng and Wu Chun are the younger version of ‘Jackie Chan’ and ‘Jet Li’.

With supports from <My Kingdom>, Sammo Hung won the Best Supporting Male Actor Award
[Image: N7.jpg]
On the 21st of March, the 5th Asia Film Awards Ceremony officially commenced. Director Gao Xiao Song, Action Director Sammo Hung and Main Actor Han Geng represented the filming crew of <My Kingdom> and appeared on the red carpet at awards ceremony. Not only the overseas sales of the film did well, action director, Sammo Hung was also nominated as the Best Supporting Male Actor for <IP Man 2>, in addition that Da S is getting married soon, so they all looks happy and energetic. The tough combination of the two directors and handsome main actor of <My Kingdom> also became the crew with the highest popularity at the red carpet that night.

During the awards ceremony, both directors, Gao Xiao Song and Sammo Hung along with main actor, Han Geng went on stage to present the award, Best Arts Director Award of the Asia Film Awards Ceremony. When they were on the stage, they also did not forget to promote their new film, <My Kingdom>. Main actor, Han Geng also generously performed his new song. That night, Sammo Hung’s exciting performance in <IP Man 2> won him, the Best Supporting Male Actor Award among all the other talented nominees. He exclaimed that it was a surprise and it was really exciting! After the awards ceremony ended, DirectorGao joked: ‘I hope that when we come next year, we won’t be just receiving the Best Supporting Male Actor Award, <My Kingdom> wants to get the Best Action Design Award as well!’

Han Geng appeared at Hong Kong Film Festival with huge popularity
[Image: N6.jpg]
This trip along with <My Kingdom>’s filming crew to Hong Kong Film Festival, it was Han Geng’s first appearance as an actor at an international exhibition. Only a year since he was back in the country, Han Geng already had an impressive result in his singing career. Other than that, Han Geng also got named as the most anticipated actor at the Hua Ding Awards. This appearance Han Geng made at the Hong Kong Film Festival, once again proved the formidable popularity of this quality idol in Asia. According to report, when Han Geng arrived in Hong Kong that day, fans from Hong Kong gathered at the airport for his arrival and once caused some disorder at the airport. During the Asia Film Awards Ceremony that night, large numbers of fans were at the red carpet screaming and supporting which strengthens the appearance and participation of the crew of <My Kingdom>.

When talking about his experience while filming <My Kingdom>, Han Geng said excitedly: ‘This is the first time I’m filming a movie in the real sense of the word and I learnt a lot of things. Director Gao Xiao Song is really talented and is a person with a lot of ideas. After this collaboration then I realized that his professional is actually a movie director. He is really good at stimulating the actor’s creativity and is especially thankful for this opportunity.’ This newcomer in the film industry admitted that he is really looking forward to the screening of <My Kingdom> this year. ‘Being an actor is my dream since young, I hope that when the movie was screened, everyone would call me Actor Han Geng.’

According to introduction, the legendary action love film, <My Kingdom> is still undergoing the final editing. The production crew specially flew to America for editing and post production, only to make sure that the special effects during the fighting scenes can be real and amazing. When Director Gao Xiao Song and Main Actor Han Geng completed their promotional schedule in Hong Kong, they will rush over to Sanya to attend Da S’s wedding, and to give their blessings for this film’s main actress.

Source: Phoenix Entertainment
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(110321) “Dong Fang Feng Yun Bang” Han Geng “Flies Up Into The Sky” on Helicopter

The 18th “Dong Fang Feng Yun Bang” award ceremony closed curtain on the 19th in Shanghai. Li Jian and Jane Zhang were awarded the best male and female singers. Soloist Han Geng was very eye-catching that night, not just by taking a helicopter but also performing the opening song and received a song of the year award for the first time.

Undeniably, Han Geng who returned to the mainland music industry as a soloist was the most eye-catching person of the night. He was not only the popularity king walking on the red carpet, also made his appearance at the award ceremony on helicopter, suggesting “fly up into the sky” meaning. He performed <My Logo> for the opening and the song is also awarded as one of the ten songs of the year. He also brought home the All-Round Artist award. Han Geng expressed that he hopes to have film works every year and revealed he likes doing action films the most. Maggie Cheung is the female actress he likes to work with the most.

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(110315) Baidu Hangeng Bar’s Hebei Charity Work. “Together with Hangeng”

There’s one more special person we have to thank for this event —- Han Geng
Yes, thanks to Hangeng, Thank him for taking this day out of his busy schedule
Together with the kids, with gengfan, we spent an unforgettable day doing charity.
Han Geng said he’s always wanted to do charity with Gengfans, but his work has always been too busy.
There’s no way he could be with everyone. Everytime he sees our charity events, he’d be really touched
He’s always wanted to pick a day to be with everyone, to actually have personal experience.

This time he saw the pinned topic in GengBaidu Bar talking about this event, he saw the conditions at the middle school
So he asked his staff to contact Gengbar to find out the time, date, and location.
Hangeng had to dub the night before, and the distance between Beijing and Hebei isn’t considered close.
But with a heart that wants to do charity with Gengfans, a heart wanting to do some hands-on
He overcame all obstacles, Hangeng cleared the morning and afternoon of the 13th for this charity.event.
Beforehand, he reminded us a million of times to not reveal that he’s going
He just wants to do something by himself.
Not as an idol, but as an ordinary person, a volunteer that’s just like everyone else.
So we didn’t tell anyone, not even the gengfans that were going to the event, nor the school.

March 13th, Han Geng brought new desks, fresh fruit, delicious food, in his car to a school in the mountains of ZhangHuan.
Without the shining outfits he wears on stage, he appeared dressed like a kid next door.
In this disclosed mountain, he’s no longer an idol, no longer a celebrity.
And Gengfans are no longers fans, no longer in fandoms.
We’re all volunteers as one of the few people in this Gengfan Charity Event.
We set up the table together, we passed out the gifts of love to the kids together
He (Hangeng) even personally handed the prepared books and utensils to each of the teachers in charge
Personally installed all the Hebei Maps, and World Maps we prepared for each classroom.
Pledging together “On the road of Charity, there’s you, there’s us”

Looking at the innocent glazes in the kids’ eyes
Looking at the content looks on the kids’ faces as they eat
Looking at the laughter on the kids’ face as they play
All the fatigue from the travel here have seemed to disappear.
After taking a group picture with the kids, Hangeng drove to an even worse area’s school.
The 14 kids that study there, only have 3 acres of land, each family.
Even if they work hard for a whole year, when it’s time to harvest, the wild pigs run it over, then everything will be damaged.
In a year, they’ll probably eat half a year of Corn Flour.
Han geng delivered Rice, Flour, and Oil to these 14 kids’ families.
Before Han geng left, he reminded us again and again to come back and visit these kids!
Because he still had to dub at night, the charity time Hangeng and Gengfan spent together were only a few hours.
But that phrase, On the road of charity, there’s you, there’s us
Was finally achieved on this day.
Even though the time was short, but it was unforgettable.
We know, your work is very busy, but you still took the time to come visit these kids in the mountains.
Maybe in the future you’ll be even more busy with work,
But Hangeng, don’t worry, your “Charity Heart”, we’ll finish it for you like we’re your shadows.
We hope to gather all the Gengfans’ strength, to accomplish all the future charity events even better.
On the road to charity, We’ll go together! Fighting together!!!

Source: Hangeng Baidu Bar
Translated by: prince☆

**Pictures can be found here

(110214) Behind the ‘Han Geng Phenomenon’

(110214) Behind the ‘Han Geng Phenomenon’
T/N: This article was written by a 40 years old mother. And, Geng-Bao’s <Wings of Love> video was mentioned as well.

Recently, Han Geng appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for the first time which made his popularity skyrocketed even more. Voted by the public, the opening dance performance received second prize in the singing/dance category. It also brought a fresh breeze to the entertainment industry in the year 2011. His character-fitted performance was just like his soothing vocal, did not involve much fancy technical singing, but it embraced a feeling of simplicity and true love that deeply touched people’s heart. His dancing melted into life with harmony and passion co-existed.

I have started to pay attention to him since a few months back although my child had talked about him before. The Chinese entertainment industry is so huge that new faces appear every day. As a forty plus “old aged” person, I long passed the age of following fandom. But it is him who I inadvertently fall for. Similar to many mother fans, the inspirational life journey of this big boy greatly draws out the mother-instinct in me. First it was in “Very Quiet Distance”, and then watched the “A Date with Lu Yu”. After watching these programs, I especially went to purchase his album “Geng Xin” largely to take action in supporting him which surprised my high school son. “Mum, you are also into a fandom?” I said, “No, I am not”. I am just grateful to him for maintaining this kind of life attitude of “start from the heart; as long as there is still one audience, I will perform whole-heartedly for him/her” amongst the publicity-above-all life atmosphere.

Sincere and kind hearted. Not many people would reveal their true selves in front of the media, including some people who purposely cover up something to package themselves. Instead, this 27-years-old big boy, expresses his sincerity and kindness. After making a tough decision to go solo, he has expressed his thanks to his former Korean management agency in many of the interviews and did not harbor any sense of grievance against the agency for the unfair treatment and hardships he had endured. In the “walk out of recording” case, he rather be misunderstood than to have his family being disturbed (due to his work) in order to protect his family. That is the instinct of his kindness. In an interview, a host asked him whether he had wanted to give up because of hardships. He frankly admitted that he had, but after crying, he insisted in doing his work. He genuinely said to the audience: “I am born for the stage, born for you.” This is his sincere belief, not mixed with anything else.

Modest and humble. The 7 years in Korea, he experienced all sorts of hardships that ordinary people could not overcome. In order to perform on stage, he had to wear a mask. But he just thanks for the experience. He thanks everyone who has appeared in his life, those who hurt or help him. He said, “As long as you work hard for it, if it’s good, that’s good. If it’s not good, then life gives you a lesson.” Everything sounds so simple to him. He sees the complicated life as that simple! This young man uses his biggest heart to accept everything. When facing challenges and difficulties, he chooses to “born for the stage”, and not entangle himself in these things to waste time. This is really a wonderful philosophy of life.

Persistent and strong. For the stage he love and for dancing, he chose to travel to a foreign land to work. With sweat and tears, with his fractured arm that fortunately healed itself, he chose not to inform his parents. He did not want his parents to be worried. Despite crying for more than 10 minutes on the phone with his mother in a faraway land, he never gives up on his dreams. In the middle of the quiet night, the pain from being homesick was deeply etched in his heart, but he chose to persist and still persist. Once, he was participating in an event as a guest, the host requested for him to sing for his fans and he sang <I do>. The voice filled with passion and the feelings of being homesick, it touched many hearts that it almost became a sing-a-long session. He is willing to do anything for his beloved stage. In regards to personal relationships, he said frankly: ‘Since I am unable to give what she wants, in order not to hurt and hold back the girl, I(he) will choose to stay away from relationships.’ He put in all his passion and energy into the career he liked, this is being persistent.

Patriotism. You will be able to see him at various charity events. Often, he would call out to his fans, not to be wasteful and to help the less fortunate with the money they saved because this is what he wanted to see. Now, his fans from all over the world would hold charity events from time to time to fulfill the expectations of Han Geng. The massive influential power of an idol made Han Geng said that he wanted to be a person of values and he kept his promise. In 2008, just when the hail in the southern side of China happened, because he was in Korea, he asked his good friend, He Jiong to help him donate 20K RMB anonymously and his life were also rather difficult then. When he came back to China, he saw the red flag with 5 stars in the airport and he took a picture of it. He spoke from his heart and said: ‘The flag is beautiful!’ During Asian Concert Tours and at various award ceremonies in Korea, he would always use Chinese for his speech if he gets an award. He would introduce the Chinese culture to his fellow colleagues, performed Chinese traditional dances and uses magnificent body movements to interpret the 5000 years worth of culture. There are no boundaries for arts; he uses his superb dancing skills and voice to conquer the fans of many countries. Even the choreographer of Michael Jackson decided to work with him and the reason is ‘because you’re Han Geng’. He is the big boy who touched the world.

Recently, I saw many different groups of fans in Han Geng Baidu Bar. It was his 27th birthday on the 9th February 2011. An international fan group made a MV in a span of a few months. In the MV, 19 different languages were used to sing the song that was specially made for him by his fans, <Wings of Love>. After listening to these special voices, I was excited, just like a teenager. I downloaded this video and shared with the others. I support his persistence towards arts which influenced many.

I have described the admirable traits of Han Geng above. Thinking back quietly, it was awesome. Behind the back of many supporters, it also reflected the different types of criticism that can be seen in the country’s entertainment industry. It also showed how much the audiences want an idol who is worthy of their support. If he did not go to Korea, if he had stayed in China to develop his career with his skills, what would be the outcome? A good environment is needed for a good artiste. What many people expect is just how the artiste pursues arts. Han Geng’s request of himself is to be an artiste of values. From being the 240th torchbearer in 2008, from starting all over again at the Great Wall of China as a solo artiste, from his persistent attitude for being responsible for his family, the spirit of being a man can be seen thoroughly on him. He made it! He deserved to be called as an artiste of values. He is a real and pure artiste.

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